Specialist Software

Assistive Technology can be helpful to everyone! The table below maps the key benefits of the software we have available on the network at Swansea University:

  TextHELP ClaroRead Supernova Dragon Naturally Speaking MindView Mindjet Inspiration
Reading Difficulties X X X        
Spelling Difficulties X X          
Concentration Difficulties X X   X X X X
Writing Difficulties       X      
Planning         X X X
Magnification / Screen Reading     X        
Visual Learners         X X X
English Learners X X          

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Software on Open Access Computers



Recording and editing software, access under "AssistiveTechnology". Extensive help and tutorials are available on the Audacity website.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 

A voice recognition tool, access under "Assistive Technology". Please note the application will take some time to load across the network.

We advise users to create and store their profiles on a USB stick as the file size is likely to exceed the network document storage space allocated to students. 

Inspiration v 8.0b

A mind-mapping tool, access under "Assistive Technology"

Learning Access Suite

ClaroRead plus 2008, a Reading/Literacy tool, access under "Assistive Technology"

Mindjet 11 

A mind-mapping tool, access under "Assistive Technology"


A mind-mapping tool, access under "Assistive Technology". Video tutorials are available on the company website.

Swansea Assessment Centre has created the following guides to using MindView:


Screen magnifier and screenreading software. It is available on loan from the Information Desk at the library and installed in the VI Room.


Literacy tool, access under "Assistive Technology".

Swansea Assessment Centre has created the following guides for TextHELP:


Windows 7 / Apple Mac Accessibility Features

Most campus PCs now run Windows 7 which has many in-built accessibility features including speech recognition and screen reading. See the Microsoft's Windows 7 Accessibility website for more information including tutorials and video demos.

Swansea Assessment Centre also have a guide to making your Word documents more accessible: Word version / PDF version (Cymraeg Word / PDF)

Apple Mac software also has a range of accessibility options.


If you have any queries or want to know more about assistive technology, please email us on library@swansea.ac.uk.

(Updated Sept 2014)