What is Adjustment?


Have you exceeded the terms of your conditional offer? If so, you have the opportunity to register for Adjustment.

Am I eligible for Adjustment?


To be eligible for Adjustment, you must have met and exceeded the conditions of your Conditional Firm (CF) choice.  

You are not eligible to use Adjustment if:

  • You are confirmed (UF) at your firm choice but did not exceed the conditions of the offer
  • You have a confirmed place on a changed course offer
  • Your original offer was unconditional (you cannot adjust your insurance choice).

I'd like to apply to Swansea University through Adjustment


First, take a look at the vacancies available at Swansea. 

If a course that you are interested in is not listed, please call us anyway (the situation changes daily, and courses which are full one day may have a place the following day).

The following courses are definitely not available, as they have reserve lists in place:

  • Graduate Entry Medicine
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing

Consider the relationship that you have built up with your firm choice university.  Contact your UF choice if you are concerned about arrangements that you have made with them.  We also recommend talking to family and friends, and your School or Careers Advisor before making the decision to adjust.

What will happen when I contact Swansea University about Adjustment?


When you phone our helpline number, we will:

  • Firstly check if there are vacancies on your course of interest
  • Check to confirm that you are definitely eligible for Adjustment
  • Ask for your UCAS ID so that we can look at your application
  • Put you through to the Admissions Tutor for your subject area, for an informal chat about your interest in the course

You will need to click the 'Register for Adjustment' link on the 'Choices' screen in UCAS Track, before we can make a definite decision.

I've decided to accept an Adjustment offer from Swansea University


...What next?

When we offer you a place in Adjustment, we will:

  • Email you to confirm the offer
  • Ask you to confirm by return of email (within a very tight deadline) that you wish to accept the place

We will then confirm your place via UCAS Track.  Once we have confirmed your place, you will be giving up your originally secured place, and the details will be displayed in the 'Choices' section on Track.

UCAS will send you a new Confirmation letter, and we will send you further information about accommodation, induction, enrolment and Freshers Week.

I have met and exceeded the offer originally made by Swansea University


Before deciding to use Adjustment, consider non-academic arrangements.  As a firm applicant to Swansea University you will have secured suitable accommodation and organised your student finance arrangements.  These will have to be amended and there may be delays if changes are made at short notice.  If you qualify for an Excellence or Merit Scholarship at Swansea, that will be forfeited if you decide to go elsewhere.

We made you an offer because we were impressed with your application and felt you would make a good Swansea student. Accepting our offer on a firm basis was hopefully a careful decision in which you not only considered the grades that you may attain, but also all the things that Swansea University has to offer you.

The Adjustment process is available from A level Results Day (Thursday 17th August 2017) until 31st August 2017.

Your individual Adjustment period starts on 17th August, or when your Conditional Firm (CF) choice changes to Unconditional Firm (UF), whichever is later.

From this time you have a maximum of five calendar days (five 24 hour periods, including Saturdays and Sundays) to register and secure an alternative course, if you decide this is what you want to do (Adjustment is entirely optional).