Answers to your most common questions

1. How can I get a list of Private Sector Accommodation? 

The list of University Managed Properties goes live on an advertisement website in the beginning of November. The website you will need to go onto is

2. How far away is the accommodation from the University?

SAS has a range of properties which are within walking distance to campus or easy to get to by bus or cycling.

3. When is my rent taken out?

Your rent is taken out once every term; October, February and May by direct debit.

4. When does my contract start?

For Undergraduates, your contract will start at the beginning of August. SAS does not charge a summer retainer. 47 week contracts. For Postgraduates, your contract will start at the beginning of September. 52 Week Contract.

5. If I sign a contract for a University Managed Property am I committed for the full year?

Yes, you have signed a legal contract that runs until the end of the academic year. You can only be released from your residence contract in one of the following circumstances:

• You cease to be enrolled as a student at the University
• If you have medical circumstances that render the accommodation unsuitable for you. (You will need to supply evidence of this.)
• A suitable placement has been found

6. What happens if I am not happy in my room?

If you are considering moving out of the property you are strongly advised to contact Student Accommodation Services. If you want to change rooms within your current property, or move to another University Managed Property, then you should come to Student Accommodation Services and complete a Transfer Request form. If the situation is more serious, you can request to talk to someone in private who will be able to listen and advise you.

7. Are bills included in the rent?

SAS Managed properties are all inclusive, including internet. Bills are usually not inclusive with tenant find, Studentpad and private landlord properties.

8. Is the internet provided in the property?

Yes, the internet is included in SAS Managed properties. Internet is usually not included with tenant find, Studentpad and private landlord properties.

9. I have lost my key, where do I get a replacement from?

In office hours (9:00 – 4:00) you can pick up a key from the office situated in Penmaen on Singleton Park Campus. If it is out of hours then you will need to call the out of hour’s number which is situated on your notice board.

10. How do I report a maintenance issue?

You can come into the office to report a repair or phone us on 01792 295101 or you can email us at We have a maintenance manager that will come out to fix the problem. If the problem is out of the office hours and is an emergency, please call the out of hour’s number situated on your notice board.